Too many options

Edit, edit, edit. Where to begin? Well there’s the printout, of course, but how to start? What to use?

Notecards, perhaps? A simple pad of A4 lined paper? Or even a program such as yWriter?

Actually, I might give that latter a turn around the block. I installed it once before but didn’t have a novel available to work through with the program. This time around, I have text, so it might run a little more smoothly.

For now, though, I’ll content myself with contemplating that pile of paper, glass of Chateau Starck in hand, and wish anyone reading this the happiest of New Years.


Ugh. Where has the year gone?

To be honest, 2007 can’t come quickly enough for me. 2006 was my very own annus horribilis (thank you, HMQ) with the only bright spot being Mesme, the first draft of which is now done and the edit of which is staring me in the face as I polish off mince pies and the last of the Christmas chocolate in preparation for the New Year Diet.

Vendaval? I’ve ditched it as an idea in its entirety but have salvaged the character of Merien for a forthcoming bit of plotting that might lead to another novel toward the end of 2007. I’m currently so deep into worldbuilding for Mesme that my overtaxed brain can do little but tinker away on a notepad for this new idea. Mesme looks as though it could easily run into Tolkienesque proportions, with a main trilogy followed by its very own Silmarillion when I get around to the history of the Mesme themselves.


No metrics as yet…

…but Mesme and Vendaval gather apace. The world of Vendaval is almost fully in place, whereas the city of Siozh in Mesme is still stubbornly rooted in a handful of scribbled notes and messy Wordpad files. It’s Mesme himself, however, who is drawing all of my creative juices at the moment. The man is an intrigue to me and I’m at the point where character-building has overtaken worldbuilding for the time being.


I'm going to beat the birds to it. Given LiveJournal's latest moves to head itself toward a more youth-oriented interface, I have decided to up-sticks and decamp to WordPress. Who knows; it might even push me to update more…